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Hurst Kite Club




Welcome to Hurst Kitesurfing Club. This club has been set up and is affiliated to the British Kitesurfing Association (BKSA) for local kitesurfers. Its primary aim is to allow kitesurfing in the area in accordance to the rules and regulations of various local authorities and wildlife organisations.


Until now, certain organisations have been prominent in trying to ban kitesurfing at Keyhaven and Hurst for fear of damage to sailing craft and disturbance of endangered wildlife and their fragile breeding grounds. After several meetings with these committees we have been able to come to an agreement between the club members and local authorities which appeases both parties.


This cohesion will only continue if all surfers abide by the rules we have agreed and endorsed. It is crucial that every kitesurfer sticks rigidly to these rules we have agreed so that we are able to continue to enjoy our sport alongside conserving wildlife and respecting other users of the area!