Location Specific Code of Conduct:

Mount Lake (New Lane) & Telegraph Lake (Hurst Castle)

Kite Map V2.jpg
  1. Maximum of 6 riders at any one time at each location, take turns if there are other riders on the water.

  2. These areas are for competent kitesurfers only; no learners/teaching.

  3. These areas are only kiteable at certain tidal times, usually 2 hours each side of high water, check tide times & ride accordingly.

  4. Do not use pontoon for jumping off or over in Hurst Castle lagoon.

  5. Do NOT transit the river.

  6. Mount Lake – do NOT sail past the moored yachts; you must stay at the road end of the lake.

  7. Telegraph Lake – maintain absolute minimum of 50m downwind buffer zone when passing moored vessels.

  8. Give way to all other watercraft & water users.

  9. Stay clear of all nesting birds, flora and fauna -this means stay off the marshes when launching, landing & riding.

  10. These areas can become very busy during the  summer months, especially the shingle spit; if it is too busy, do NOT go out.

  11. If you see somebody doing something wrong then talk to them.


REMEMBER: This is an outstanding area, a­­nd it is OUR local spot.

We must keep access open!